Results of the 1st international mouse test April 2004, Ergonoma in Brussels. The question was to evaluate
ergonomic qualities of new mice available on the market
First, through objective measuring criteria (hand angulation), provided by FMA system CAPTIV (France).
Then by submitting them to a European panel students in data processing.
This panel (100 20 to 30 years old students) evaluated the comfort of use, the look (color, form),
and the' effectiveness of these mice. Two graphic were tested separately by Multimedia Directors
Animations 3rd year students,
- in order to determine the mice privileged by the panel of users and angular measurements of the wrist.
(on the 20 participating mice)
8 mice including 2 graphics tablets were nominated and offered to the curiosity and the attention of the public
throughout all Ergonoma Tradeshow on a special stand where each one could take them "in hand" and       
discover the technical descriptions of the products presented.

The results were proclaimed in the tradeshow press office, during a nice meeting, closing by the handing-over
of  a diploma.
In the office mouse category, two mice in "pole" position, with a small advance for:
VERTICAL MOUSE by EVOLUENT (United States) : presented by  AudioNet Distribution AS (NORWAY);
Gained all the votes in terms of comfort and facility of use, of "look", colour and sympathy:
the panel as a whole totally adhered to this new product.

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